1. What is Ogami Conquest?

Ogami Conquest is the first Play-And-Earn MOBA game with sandbox elements that utilizes NFTs as playable and breedable characters backed by the $OGM token, giving players true ownership of their NFTs and a new governance model that bridges the gap between players and developers .

2. When can I play Ogami Conquest?

Our target Launch date for Ogami Conquest is in 2024, but we will release a Pre-Alpha in 2023

3. Is Ogami Conquest Free To Play?

Ogami Conquest will have a few playable F2P characters. You can try them out in specific unranked game modes. Do you want the full Ogami Conquest experience? Then you need to buy Kodari from the marketplace.

4. What are Kodari?

Kodari are the playable and breedable NFT characters in Ogami Conquest. There are 6 Kodari Houses, each of them having 2 sub-classes. Every Kodari has 4 traits.

5. What is the Ogami NFT Collection?

The Ogami NFT Collection is the VIP Pass for the Ogamiverse. If you are an Ogami Mage NFT holder you will have access to all kinds of perks like early access, $OGM Airdrops, staking and more!

6. What is the DPO?

The Decentralized Parliamentary Organization (or in short DPO) is the governance model of the Ogamiverse. We truly believe in empowering Builders and Players. You can read more in our whitepaper

7. What is $OGM?

$OGM is the main and only token of the Ogamiverse (the target launch date is early 2024). It will be used to buy and breed Kodari, it will be rewarded to players as seasonal leaderboard rewards, and will be used to govern the Ogami ecosystem through voting rights in the DPO by holding $OGM. Of course, you will also be able to stake your $OGM.

8. When are we able to stake our $OGM and Ogami NFT?

Our target launch date for staking is late 2024.

9. Will there be more Coins in the future?

No. The Ogamiverse will not launch any coins in the future besides $OGM. The $OGM token has several use cases. It acts as a reward token, marketplace currency, NFT purchase currency, breeding fee, used for staking, and governance.

10. NFT Skins?

We are looking forward to releasing all kinds of cosmetics. They will be NFTs! A great emphasis regarding ‚blockchain gaming‘ besides the seasonal $OGM rewards is to give players an incentive to own NFTs such as cosmetics.

11. Will there be future events?

Ogami Conquest will have all kinds of events in the future such as tournaments, meetups, merchandise drops, and so on. Any ideas or proposals? Let us know on our Discord!

12. Who is Frei Studios?

Frei Studios is a web3 startup game development studio based in Utrecht, Netherlands founded by Mohammed A., Yunus U., Said A., and Lukas S.

13. I have some great ideas and suggestions! Where can I contact you?

You can always chat on Discord with us or fellow community members!

14. Can I work for/with you?

We are always looking for motivated talents who are loving the Crypto gaming industry. Do you think you will be a nice addition to our team? Send us an Email to jobs@freistudios.com

15. How can I get the latest updates about the Ogamiverse?

Subscribing to our Substack would be the best way to stay updated. If that’s not enough then make sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord !